Creating next generation electromaterials for precision assembly into 3D structures.

Developing synthetic bio-systems to address medical conditions.

 Enabling cleaner and more efficient energy production and storage systems.

Initiating community discussion on the risks and benefits of emerging technologies.



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Industry partnership are critical in translating our cutting-edge materials research into useful devices for health and energy applications. ACES seeks to create alliances with industry partners who share our commitment to innovation.


 With 11 partners, internationally renowned researchers, state-of-the-art facilities and options to include industry or communications experience in your study, ACES provides a head start to your career.


From chemists to clinicians, ACES is a multidisciplinary organisation with strong links to industry. Connect with our team to develop innovative solutions for the clean energy, human health and next generation manufacturing industries.

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Welcome to ACES

The Federal Government funded ACES through the Australian Research Council in 2014 to turn our knowledge of materials into the next generation of ‘smart devices’ for the benefit of the community. We think of a smart device as one that uses the advanced materials we make in our laboratories to create new health and energy solutions that improve people’s lives.


Led by the University of Wollongong, ACES incorporates six Australian collaborators and five international partner organisations known for their expertise in materials and device fabrication. We bring together a critical mass of the best minds across all disciplines to develop innovative solutions based on advanced next-generation electromaterials. Read more.


The latest news from ACES
  • Can you 3D-print organs? Cathal O'Connell, 23 Mar 15. As a researcher in bioprinting (3D printing using living cells) one question I’m regularly asked is “Can you print organs?” It’s a question that grabs ...
  • How St Patrick's Day became green Cathal O'Connell, 17 Mar 15. Why are plants (and St Patrick’s Day) green? St Patrick’s Day — a celebration of Irishness or, in other words, the traditional excuse to duck down to the...
  • Glaucoma treatment research relies on 3D printing Andrew Sutton, 13 Mar 15. Glaucoma is stealing the sight of hundreds of thousands of Australians and is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. The condition is usually caused by excessive...


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New Dimensions Magazine

Find out how a global, multidisciplinary team is using next-generation materials to provide innovative solutions for neural disorders, metal-air batteries, epilepsy detection and control, artificial muscles and more. It's all in the ACES New Dimensions magazine.


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