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  • ACES Alumni bag prestigious Marie Curie Fellowships by Cathal O'Connell
    5 Jun 2015  | 0 Comments

    “Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and show them what you have to offer their research, as an early career researcher you need to put yourself out there!”

    Amy Gelmi and Peter Sherrell

    Two of ACES’ star alumni have received prestigious Marie Curie fellowships at Imperial College, in London, each being awarded a two-year deal adding up to about E200,000 in funding. 

    Peter Sherrell will work with Dr Cecilia Mattevi on 3D printing graphene structures. Meanwhile, Amy Gelmi will work in the ... Read More

  • Willo wants to ease suffering by Andrew Sutton
    4 Dec 2014  | 0 Comments

    Dr Willo Grosse is passionate about reducing the suffering people endure due to epilepsy.

    During her time at ACES, Willo worked on an implantable brain device that she hopes will, in the future, transform the lives of people living with epilepsy.

    “My long-term goal is to commercialise a device like the one I developed in my PhD,” she said.

    “The satisfaction I would get from seeing someone’s life improved because of something I had a hand in developing ... well, in my ... Read More


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